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Create the Future with DAO: Unleash the Power of Innovative Technologies in a unique Business Club «DAO888»

Welcome to the business club «DAO888», where the future begins today. In the era of decentralized business applications, we offer you an innovative platform that will redefine your understanding of technology. Our mission is to create an open community of developers focused on creating and selling advanced platforms based on smart contracts.




Benefits and features with Our Revolutionary Business club «DAO888»

Step-by-step guide & tactical implementation plan

Modelling & further algorithm design

Refining & identifying further areas of improvement

Training & support

DAO Goals and Hypernet Mission

The main goal of DAO is to form an open community of developers, conclusion product and sale of its services for further development and promotion platforms aimed at conquering the market of services for the creation of decentralized business applications and databases based on smart contracts and attracting users around the world. Support, development and implementation standards based on the Solidity programming language.

Quantum Ready

Early & Lasting Advantage

Solution & Capability Driven

graphics illustrating the advantage of making progress with quantum computing when taking action now City route optimization
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Do you want to join a Business Club «DAO888» and become a Super Validator on the our Hypernet ?

The first step is to send us an application, describing your competencies and capabilities. Who do you see yourself in our business club and how can you contribute to its development? You must have recommendations from existing DAO participants or be a super validator in the DAO ZHCASH or another blockchain network that is part of Hypernet!