Dancing Girl

Our RoadMap

  • Creating Fund
    The purpose of creating the fund is to unite investors and business angels into a single pool of shareholders to create and promote the latest developments in the field of IT and Blockchain technologies, through the development of existing projects and start-ups in these areas of activity.
  • Selection of projectsand technologies
    Holding conferences, forums and hackathons, the purpose of which is to identify and select the best developers, startups and projects, that can significantly affect the world around us, the economy, education and quality of life. Financing of such projects, acceleration and scaling.
  • Charity and ecology
    Creation of charitable programs, association with charitable foundations and their financing. Development and implementation of environmental programs around the world using the latest developments in this area, association with existing promising projects on ecology, their financing.
  • Consortium
    Creation of an association of funds whose activities are focused on the development of technologies in the field of IT, blockchain, AR / VR, AI, their adaptation for the market and expansion of the territories of application of these technologies
  • Freetechnologies
    Launching on the market technologies and products designed to improve the quality of life and make human existence more conscious and meaningful.
  • Corporation Zero Gravity
    Create a corporation, based on technology and development.
  • Launching Zero Gravity Universe
    A platform for the development of mankind in terms of technology. Digitalization of all possible life processes. Creation and development of the virtual universe.