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List your startup on the Zero Gravity Foundation decentralized project exchange ➫ LaunchPad.

Discover unprecedented opportunities for development and rapid growth. Take advantage of our extensive network of investors and resources. The Foundation will provide you with expertise, consultations, marketing, powerful connections in your field, digitalization and tokenization, which will lead you to receive grants and investments in a short time.




What steps are needed to integrate a startup or project into the fund, access direct investments and grants??

Step-by-step guide & tactical implementation plan

Modelling & further algorithm design

Refining & identifying further areas of improvement

Training & support

Developer & Investment Centric Approach.

Our fund can offer startups decentralized platforms and tools where they can find their first investors, clients and launch a project. The fund has great expertise - we can give advice on further development, discover areas for savings, redistribute budgets, and introduce you to market leaders. When an investor invests in a company, in return he receives a share in it and the ability to make management decisions. The investor, together with the fund, will receive a share in the startup (project or company). The size of the share varies from deal to deal. The fund is limited to 10-30% so that the founder or developer remains the main owner.

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Early & Lasting Advantage

Solution & Capability Driven

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