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Decentralized venture fund - Zero Gravity Foundation

Decentralized venture fund - Zero Gravity Foundation


Association of investors with the richest experience in creating and development of projects in the field of IT and Blockchain technologies.


Our community is committed to researching and tracking the latest developments, holds hackathons and conferences, conducts dialogue with representatives of the government of many countries.


We are interested in the development of technologies and select the highest quality and promising projects for their acceleration and scaling.


Launch on the market of technologies and products designed to improve the quality of life and make human existence more conscious and meaningful. A platform for the development of mankind in terms of technology. Digitalization of all possible life processes.


A venture fund is an investment fund that invests money in startups and young companies. Foundations can be either private or public. Private funds are usually created to invest in specific industries or regions. Public funds are available to anyone who wants to invest their money.


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